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T19515B - Mobile Medical Cabinet for Plano 747 & 9606 Storage, Flanged

Optional Auxiliary Fans.

Mobile Medical Cabinet for Plano 747 & 9606 Storage - Flanged

plano 747Automatic Cooling and Heating of Medications

Product Overview

  • Large temperature controlled storage unit for either the Pelican 747 or 9606 Boxes
  • Engine can be on top or at rear or 2 can be installed for high ambient conditions
  • Several different mounting options are available for a variety of configurations
  • Functional in mobile, temporary or stationary environments
  • Reliable, Robust and Low Maintenance Solid-State heat pump technology
  • Compression locks for a airtight seal
  • High tech insulation and thermoelectric proportional controlled methodology
  • Manufactured in U.S.A.

The Mobile Medical Cabinet for Plano 747 & 9696 operates at 12 or 24 VDC. Peak power Consumption is dependent upon model and operating environment but typical power consumption at normal ambient temperatures (100F to 30F) is 50-80% of peak. Unit can be equipped with optional low voltage shutdown. (when voltage is restored the unit automatically restarts)

Temperature Control
Heating and cooling is accomplished using high efficiency thermoelectric heat pump technology. The temper-ature control boards use a proportional control program to maintain minimal temperature variation inside the unit. Internal temperature is preset but custom temperature settings are available. Insulation is state of the art vacuum and PU panels that provide a barrier of maximum efficiency from external temperatures.

Products contain no CFC’s nor harmful contaminants requiring only standard tools for installation. Unit is field serviceable with the field service guide. Unit can be configured to operate on 120/220 VAC with optional DC power conversion. OTE engines are designed and manufactured to work day in and day out in the toughest conditions.

Inside Dimensions
Top Engine/Rear
Outside Dimensions
Top Engine/Rear
22.5" / 21.25
20.43" / 22.87"
11-15 VDC
.5 to 7.5(12)
Airflow Requirements: 85 CFM

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.

* Specification for reference only and are subject to change without notice.

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