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narc box narcotics box

TTNARC110 - Narc Box w/110V Power Supply

TTNARC12 - Narc Box w/12V Power Supply

TTNARC652 - Narc Box 110V Power Supply

TTNARC655 - Narc Box 12V Power Supply

TTNARC656 - Narc Box RFID Cards (3)

TTNARC657 - Narc Box Internal Battery

narc box

The Narc Box™ Easy Setup

register step 1
Register Online
Completing the online registration form ( automatically logs you in to your account.
supervisor/admin step 2
Add Admin/Supervisor
Add any administrators or supervisors that will have access to your account.
Add Paramedic/Employee
Add paramedics, employees or anyone authorized to access a Narc Box. A PIN is emailed to each user that you set up.
narc boxes
Add Narc Boxes
Add the Narc Box™ to your account by entering the serial number and vehicle number or location of use.
Connect to Wifi & Sync
The final step connects the Narc Box™ to Wifi.
The setup process is complete! The Narc Box™ is ready for service and your narcotics secure.



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