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TT451(RF) - Scratch & Dent Chillcore Case, Yellow

TT450(RF) - Scratch & Dent Chillcore Case, Orange

TT652 - 110 V. Power Cord for Chillcore Case

ChillcoreTM "Scratch & Dent" Cases
The Therapeutic Hypothermia Induction Case

These units are slightly used or scratched through either tradeshow travel and demonstrations, in-field evaluations, or through our recent move into a new facility. All “scratch and dent” units include a 6 month warranty and include similar hardware and the latest software and features as our new cases.

These units include a 12 Volt charger and an insulated pressure infusion bag.

NOTE: Chillcore no longer has a battery option.

Owners Manual for Chillcore without batteries, click here.

PATENT #8061149

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