Warranty & Repair

Thomas EMS prides itself on making the most durable EMS packs in the industry.  With that said, even the highest quality zippers, hardware, and fabrics will need repair from time to time.  Please contact us at 801-262-6503 prior to sending us any pack for repair.  Some repairs may not require the packs be sent back to us, and we may be able to send the replacement items directly to you.  However, if your pack does require repair at our facility, please follow this simple cleaning procedure:

  1. Remove all equipment from the pack, as well as all accessory pouches or other modules that do not need repair.
  2. Spray the pack with a pressure washer or thoroughly hand wash.  DO NOT place the pack into a washing machine.  The pack must be cleaned to ensure that the pack can be handled safely by our repairs department.  A clean pack is also necessary to ensure that the pack does not gum up our sewing machines, and cause significant damage to our equipment.
  3. Once the pack has been washed, please hang the pack to dry.
  4. Box the pack up, and include all of your contact information (preferably on department letterhead), and clearly note all areas of the pack needing repair.

Send all repair packs to:

Thomas EMS
1605 West 2100 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
ATTN:  Repairs

Warranty Information for Temperature Control Products

-- -- Important Shipping Notification -- --

Important Shipping Notification

All temperature control products (with the exception of the Chillcore) must be shipped on a pallet via LTL (FREIGHT TRUCK, CLASS 77.5) for safe keeping. The possibility of damage from shipping these items FedEx or UPS is significantly higher than if secured on a pallet via LTL.

Thank you for your support of Thomas EMS over the past 25 years.